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AlphaBeta Pharma Appoints
a Head for its Clinical Operations.

AlphaBeta Pharma Strengthens its European Presence by Opening a New Office in Turkey.

AlphaBeta Pharma Strengthens its Presence in the Middle-East by Acquiring a Cairo-based CRO.

AlphaBeta Pharma forms a strategic alliance with Mena Research CRO.

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Pharmaceutical Distributers
Urgently Needed in Middle East, Turkey, Israel and South Africa

AlphaBeta Pharma will be
present at “Phase I Clinical Trials Summit” On 28th – 29th October 2010, BSG Conference Centre, London, UK

AlphaBeta Pharma will be
present at “Accelerating Early Clinical Development

AlphaBeta Pharma will be
present at “Drug Delivery Partnerships and the Latest Innovations Conference”

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We are dedicated to bringing more medicines of value to patients.

We develop our own products as well as manage development of drugs & devices for other clients.  We also deal with technology transfer and always interested in partnerships and can even help with placement.

Research and Development Model

AlphaBeta Pharma has adapted a unique model for R&D guaranteeing minimal overheads costs and shortest development timeline in order to maximise the return-on-investment for all stakeholders.  We operate a virtual R&D structure -between our two offices in London, UK, (mainly early-development) and Istanbul, Turkey (mainly late-development)- through strategic alliances and tactical partnerships; where we only pay for the services needed and for the duration required, dramatically reducing our costs and accelerating our execution.

We have an expertise in developing medicines for patients treated by specialist physicians, and for discovering new therapies for serious and life-threatening diseases.   While we use a traditional model of taking a project through the pre-clinical and clinical trials phases, we also look to partner/acquire projects in later stages of development, offering lower risk for us, and offering increased possibility of getting medicines to market more quickly.


Our distinct approaches to R&D meant that we have two teams –not one- working hard to discover and acquire new ways of treating and preventing diseases; our scientists and our business development who are scouting the globe for the best science and opportunities.


We carry out a series of clinical trials to test each investigational drug or medical device for the potential to become a new medicine available for patients in hospitals, pharmacies and drug stores.

Phase I studies


Phase II studies


Phase III studies


Typically involve healthy volunteers. These trials study the safety of the drug and its interaction with the body.


Include patients with the illness. An investigational drug is designed to treat and it evaluate whether the drug shows effects we are hoping for and also determine the proper dose and the evaluation of safety continues.


(The largest and the most expensive part of the clinical development program) are designed to provide the substantial evidence of efficacy and safety required for the regulatory agencies to approve the new investigational drug as a medicine and allow it to be marketed to health care professionals and be used by patients.