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AlphaBeta Pharma Appoints
a Head for its Clinical Operations.

AlphaBeta Pharma Strengthens its European Presence by Opening a New Office in Turkey.

AlphaBeta Pharma Strengthens its Presence in the Middle-East by Acquiring a Cairo-based CRO.

AlphaBeta Pharma forms a strategic alliance with Mena Research CRO.

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  News & Events  

Pharmaceutical Distributers
Urgently Needed in Middle East, Turkey, Israel and South Africa

AlphaBeta Pharma will be
present at “Phase I Clinical Trials Summit” On 28th – 29th October 2010, BSG Conference Centre, London, UK

AlphaBeta Pharma will be
present at “Accelerating Early Clinical Development Conference”

AlphaBeta Pharma will be
present at “Drug Delivery Partnerships and the Latest Innovations Conference”

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Drug Development, Consultancy and Interim Management
AlphaBeta Pharma develops innovative solutions from public, governmental and private sources worldwide - converting theories into patented, licensed products.  We invest in building intellectual property protection, and develop devices through proof-of-concept and prototype stage and license onwards to the markets.  We distribute and market our products internationally and have regular contact with a very wide range of health customers, regulatory bodies and development partners.
Drug Development and Medical Devices
AlphaBeta develops affordable, effective and safe medicine to improve patients’ life.  We partner with other individuals, companies and governments to develop drugs, medical devices and diagnostics.  Our pipeline is growing steadily and covering a wide spectrum of maladies.
Drug Development Consultancy Service for Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies and
Academic Institutions
We offer various options for our services, from fully contracted-out to fully contingent, non-fee basis, instead sharing a portion of future commercial revenues.  We commonly cover clinical trials costs and can inject funds directly to carry out critical proof-of-concept or technology development work.
Interim Management and Advisory Service
AlphaBeta Pharma provides well qualified interim managers for short-term or for an advisory assignment, and also could help with permanent placement.
Call us when you need an experienced professional in:
  • Pre-Clinical
  • Research & Development
  • Clinical & Regulatory
  • Medical Affairs
  • Drug Safety
  • General Management